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Web-Tech Solutions

What started as an add-on service to business clients has grown into Arise2 web-tech solutions. This is for business owners and managers who have out grown mass shared-hosting approaches.

Premium Managed Word Press VPS Hosting

Complete Care Packages

Includes both Tech and Content Solutions

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

  • Not shared with other sites
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Daily backups


Hosting VPS Options

  • Memory
  • CPUs
  • Disk space

Built in Security

  • WAF
  • Defender Pro plugin

HUB Access

  • View Status
  • View Billing

Optional Primium Plugins


  • Smaller Images
  • CDN access

SEO Plugin Included

  • SEO


  • Basic website stats


  • 99% up-time

Perspective Blog

The Changing Purpose of Your Website

In a post-pandemic business world, your website is no longer just an internet billboard. Many organizations use their website as a customer communication device, one that they control. They use their website as a multiple purpose landing-page, sharing must-know information, monthly blog updates, and active engagements. To accomplish all that, the website needs to interface with many 3rd-party software providers, such as video, marketing email, sophisticated plugins, WooCommerce, payment gateways, security protection, and more. Of course, all this needs to be done fast so customers don’t move on to the next site.

And then there’s the dreaded “website security”. Hackers, scammers, and bad-actors have automated attacks on websites and small business owners are a prime target. Often they want the account access itself, not the content. Sort of like stealing a car to commit a crime. What’s in the car is no importance to them. The level of protection needed for a Word Press has greatly increased since the post-pandemic.

All these needs greatly increases the workload for WordPress sites and the hosting hardware running it. Most low-end shared web-hosting platforms cannot handle the task, leading to vulnerable, slow websites with over-usage charges.

Web hosting with a VPS (virtual private server) is the answer to shared-hosting limitations. It’s having your own internet computer without dealing with the back-end tech support.

Call 615. 861. 9303 for Service Questions

Domain Name Sign-up

Domain Name Sign-up

Enter the domain name you want and follow instructions.

The annual pricing depends on the url “ending” (i.e. .com, .org, .net, etc.) have different prices. Credit card payment is is at the end.

There will be a lot of questions, contact info to fill out, and email verification, but this is because the domain name (URL) is an important asset that is kept tracked by an international 3rd party company. It usually takes a while (30min to a day or so) for the domain name to go live.

Switch on the domain lock option after things have settle.


WordPress Hosting Sign-up

Premium Hosting starts at $35.50 per month

+ 1 Site, not shared
+ WordPress tuned server
+ 1GB of Memory, 1 vCPU, 25GB Storage (1)
+ 10 TB Bandwidth/mo
+ Web Application Firewall (WAF) with Defender Pro plugin
+ Premium plugins (SEO, forms, etc.)
+ 10 Email Addresses (2)

  • Select the hosting package you like and follow the instructions.
  • Be on the lookout for the Hub login information and save any
  • The Domain Name and the website “connection” is a manual process.
  • Payment is through credit card and automatically billed like a subscription. Failure to continue payments results in losing access to the website or even removal from the host-site.

Hosting Details:

(1) Total storage amount. It includes storage for the operating system and server support software tools for the VPS. For example, 25GB storage uses about 10-12GB for computer system usage, leaving about 13-15Gb for website use. This is because to be private, all the system software is included in the VPS hosting.

(2) Email service is POP only, which means your emails need to be downloaded to a Email App and not stored on the website storage.

Support Care

WordPress Care Packages

Websites have become a critical part of every business’ sales and marketing efforts. But without proactive maintenance and guidance, people are left vulnerable to crashes, poor performance, and lackluster user experiences that ultimately lead to subpar business performance.

Standard Maintenance

Do-it-for-me chores so you can run your business:

  • WordPress configurations, troubleshooting, and updates.
  • Themes: troubleshooting, or updating
  • Security: Updates, WAF, and plugin integration, WP configuration
  • Backups: timely and secure
  • Plugins – fix, and update your plugins.

Standard-Plus Maintenance

We know how annoying text and media changes can be. Pass them over, and we can do it for you.

  • All in standard maintenance.
  • Monthly content updates for blogs, videos, audio
  • Sending out newsletters, reminder emails, etc. out of your marketing email account.
  • E-commerce support, include Woo-Commerce

Development Efforts

Example development efforts that need separate agreement.

  • Add new websites features through install new plugins, pages, or UI/UX.
  • Research and implement custome point solutions
  • HTML/CSS, PHP, and/or JS coding.
  • GA4 integration
  • DNS updates and fixes, include MX records
  • MailChimp integration