Hi, I'm Scott.

I connect financial performance to operations for business owners with companies who manufacture or build things.

You can get access to CFO skills and knowledge to grow.


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Advising CFO for Hire

Small manufacturing, Technology companies, CNC shops, General Contractors, Engineering, Semiconductor, Chemical production, etc.

Strategy Advising

Current State Assessment

CFO Strategy Services

Management Consulting

Investor/Sell Preparation

Financial Analysis and Planning

Budgeting and Forecasting

Financial Modeling

Performance Metrics

Manufactoring Floor Performance

Drilling a metal block.

CFO Strategy Services

CFO for growth, not a CFO for the CPA in overseeing the books.

Valuable Team Member

Work side-by-side with Owners and CEOs

Connect Financial to Vision

Connect Financial to Operations

Reports performance

Part-Time CFO

Improve cash-flow

MBA access for smaller companies


Different levels of support

Part-Time CFO for Hire

Step 1: Schedule a discovery call.
Step 2: Go over your options.
Step 3: Step out!

Case Study

"Help! I’m Making Money, but My Bank Account is Losing Money
Your financial sheets can tell you why"


CNC Machine Shop Owner

"Scott takes time to really think through it and makes sure it's the best decision for me."

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15 Employee Business Owner

"You get me thinking in other avenues, you expand my tunnel vision."

High Tech Founder

"I wanted to thank you again for showing up at the CTO National Forum and your help with the investors."


Scott R. Weaver


I Know Where You're Coming From…

You are the moving force in your business. Without you, your business will fail. You stepped out to build your zero to million business with passion, skills, and determination. You run your company at full steam, pleasing customers, taking care of employees, and profits are coming in. It is your willpower and grit that has powered success so far.

But there is so much to do, and much more keeps piling up every day.

Your business has been consuming your time and energy, yet little progress is seen. It feels like no matter how many hours you put in, it’s not enough. Words like overwhelm and chaos enter into your vocabulary. So you work harder.

Over time, you start to worry that maybe you don’t have what it takes because you can’t see the steps forward through the fog. Your team and employees don’t get why things that worked before is not working now and throwing frustration at you. You feel like your family doesn’t understand. In fact, sometimes you feel like they don’t even appreciate all that you do. The burden is on you. How can anyone arise to live in all this?

I understand. I’ve been through it myself. And I can help.

Sometimes all you need is someone who is not immersed in your day to day business. Someone who can bring perspective and expertise to the art of running a business. Someone who has the tools to bring it all together.

That’s what I do.

That’s what I am prepared for because of my real-life business experience and education as an MBA and an engineer.

That’s what I’ve been doing since 2011.
That’s my passion and my calling.
And I give it all my heart.

Supporting Team

Marcus Weaver

Make Stuff Work - Programming, IT & AWS, Web-design, video editing, podcast sponsor voice, etc.

Marcus likes anything about Orcas! His presence allows for providing more services with skills from web-development and graphic arts (Adobe CC) to AWS certification and programming (python, C++, Java, HTML/CSS). Even setting up SAMBA file servers. Marcus graduated from Willamette University with a degree in physics and minor in German. He works at Vanderbilt University as a Cloud Engineer.

Also, he is the sponsor voice for the Arise2Live podcast.

The Arise2 Mission

To bring to business owners and leaders valuable perspective and prescriptive solutions to transform productivity and profits inside their company at the same time assist in personal growth as they step forward from uncertainty to confidence.

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